Invest with Dzolik

Dzolik offers investment opportunity. We accept short term loans from $10,000 up to $50,000. If you want to invest more, we can discuss. We are fast growing company in business for almost 3 years. Our sales grow rapidly, because we mostly sell face to face to customers, we get lot of feedback, so we exactly know what people want. People often ask us to make different designs. With more available cash we can make more designs faster, and increase our sales even more.

Decent and secure profit

We offer 10% interest on money you borrow us.

Fast turnaround

We quickly turn your cash around and return in short time. If you borrow us $10k, we will return you 11k in 3 months.

$10,000 ...................... 3 months    

$10,001 - $20,000 ......4 months

$20,001 - 30,000 ........6 months

$30,001 - $50,000 ....12 months

On top of your 10% return on investment, you'll get 1% gift discount towards purchase of our products. So if you invest $20,000 you make $2,000 in 4 months and receive $200 discount on our products.

Reasons to trust us

We have almost 3 years of experience with the products, materials, and contractor factories.

We know what works, what people want, and factories that make the best products.

We have currently 1 location in Glendale feel free to check it out.

We have also pop ups and attend many markets, events and shows - feel free to visit us.

Check our feedback - right now it´s not much on this website, but there is some on Etsy:

In case you want to invest we will show you our financial and sales reports, bank statements and payroll statements.

We have currently 4 employees - mostly part time.

What is positive about us

We make vegan products. It promotes veganism, not killing animals for selfish purposes, and that animals are important part of our world.

We create value - create products that are useful and can last, we create jobs, we pay taxes, and promote positive things.

We strive for eco friendly materials. We are aware of big global pollution, and it is time to make steps to do our part towards sustainability. Although not all of our products are 100% eco friendly yet, we head towards that direction. Learning that even plant based materials like cotton - are not really eco friendly, because there are used dangerous and unhealthy chemicals in its growing, or too many chemical in it´s production, we will slowly change them into better alternatives.

Almost all non cork materials in our new products are recycled. Many of them have GRS - global recycled standard certificate.

Who are we

The owner - is immigrant from Europe, in early 30s, with Masters degree in Engineering, hard working, driven, pulling 100-120 working hours a week, with about 8 years of experience in sales.

We want to make lot of money - and you can make money with us too.

If you´re interested send email to

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