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Why Vegan Leather?

When animals are imprisoned, they experience many negative emotions. These emotions are stacked in their cells - including meat and skin. They know they are going to suffer and die and can´t do nothing about it. Many of them are fed by antibiotics to calm down, or their tongues are cut off so they can´t scream.


Actually, many times their organs are torn apart while they are still alive. They have feelings too - and they feel bad. All this negative energy goes into their meat and skin and then into people. That´s one of reason why there are so many people unhappy, aggressive or sick.


Cork as a cruelty free alternative

We chose cork fabric because it looks like a leather, but it´s cruelty free and eco friendly. Cork is durable, light weight and water resistant. It comes from tree bark. The tree doesn´t get damaged and bark always grows back. 

Cork oak grows in China, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and many other countries. It has very thick bark which is harvested about every 10 years. Then, the bark is boiled and cut into tiny layers, which are bonded to another fabric. 


As backing fabric, we use mostly cotton, linen or RPET - fabric made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.


Finally, you can take care of cork by using a simply wipe the dust off with wet cloth. When it´s  easy to clean with soap and water, and soft toothbrush or sponge. 

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