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Fits large phones, inner size is 7.25x4 inches. 


Phone on the picture is Galaxy 14 with thick case, sized 6.75x3.25x0.5 inches. 


Has 3 card slots with RFID protection.


Holder can attach to belt 2 ways - with belt loops or with removable, strong clip.


Has EMF blocking fabric in the back. Did you know radiofrequency from your phone is harmful to human body? Specially when it´s close to it. 


EMF from cell phones damages cells, hurts glands and organs and can block blood circulation. This phone holder blocks the EMF from your phone to affect your body. 


The front side of the holder is not covered with EMF blocker, so you will still be able to receive signal.


Dimensions in inches: 7.25x4.4x1.3

Weight: 97.5g = 0.21 lb.

Large phone holder for belt